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Dragon Bonsai Studio's founding myth

Somewhere in the sleepy Eastern Townships of Canada, where lakes freeze each winter, bears hibernate for months, and dragons still roam, trees that normally grow tall are small and tropical plants grow where they shouldn’t. 

An old garage became a small ceramics studio, and I sat behind a potter’s wheel to play with mud. I wondered what kind of pots might help the little trees and plants feel more at home. 


And then one day, a new, never-seen-in-humans-before, disease spread its tiny, host-replicated RNA over all the lands of the Earth. The world slowed, and I found myself with more time. One pot led to another, and while pondering the years ahead, the concept of Dragon Bonsai Studio was born.



It is in this river valley carved in the lands where glaciers once stood miles high, that we settled years ago to raise our family. As the seasons passed, the kids grew, the puppy became an old dog, and the small trees and plants needed new pots. 


True to its origin and name, the stoneware pots I sell - just like the first ones I made - are still fired by dragons, and are, of course, frost resistant.

Who knows what the future holds, but until then, and as long as I manage to keep the daimones keramikoi at bay, pots will appear in the store from time to time!


Any questions?


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